what this course is all about

This course is designed to take graduate level individuals to a point where they can be actively involved and billable in a Business Central project within 3-4 months. It combines highly interactive classroom training, utilising a variety of didactic approaches, with back-to-work practical activities to hone those skills taught in the classroom. The course is residential, ensuring maximum benefit is gained from a continuous learning environment.
The course covers relevant essential aspects of Dynamics 365 Business Central, and is aimed to grow a general professional skill set.

who should attend

The course ramps up participants to take them forward down an IT-career path starting with consultancy or development. Although not compulsory, candidates would benefit if they are familiar with Dynamics 365 Business Central or have some working knowledge of the software and application, either as a user or help desk support member, for example.

training centre and residential information

The course is residential and has so far been will be delivered in the Netherlands with hotel accommodation being provided less than a stone’s throw from the classroom.

costs and payment plan

The cost for the entire 25-day residential course is € 8.000 which includes all residential costs from Monday morning through to Friday afternoon, each week. It also includes all course materials.

Payment is made in stages, as follows:

  • €3.650 paid three weeks before course commencement
  • €3.000 paid following week 3 delivery
  • €1.500 on completion

Cancellation fees will apply if course or payment schedule is not completed. Within 4 weeks before start of the course it is possible to unsubscribe without penalty. After this a cancellation fee of €2.500 applies.

technology and competence requirements

Delegates are expected to participate in the course using their own laptop/tablet computer pre-loaded with a Dynamics 365 Business Central Cronus  database, Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016 or 2019.
Minimum competence for delegates is an understanding of the Microsoft environment and to have reasonable Microsoft Office abilities.


Delegates will receive a certificate confirming their participation in the course. This in itself does not provide the necessary accreditation required by Microsoft but in time, we believe will set its own standard.

terms and conditions

Delegates and their respective employers are required to agree to the standard terms and conditions for attendees of Opgona courses, which will include, Non-Disclosure and Non-Poaching clauses designed to protect the interest of all parties.