Opgona = Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Junior Training.

In opgona 3 former Dutch Navision Academy colleagues have joined to use their experience and enthusiasm to help to get new blood into the Dynamics world. Rob Gabriels, Coen Overgaag, Luc van Vugt.

• Rob Gabriels

His career is all about education.
In 1999 he became trainer in the Dutch Navision Academy and
since that time highly involved as evangelist of Dynamics 365 Business Central.
He is co-writer to a number of ERP study books.



• Coen Overgaag

Ever since he started the Dutch Navision Academy in 1998,
Coen has been involved in Dynamics 365 Business Central
training and implementations.
He is co-writer to a number of ERP study books.



• Luc van Vugt

All his professional live Luc has been teaching and sharing
with his fellow man to help them to grow in their profession.
He is a well known technical resource in the Dynamics world
ever since he started blogging and became a Microsoft MVP.