resume week 3 fall 2018 junior training

After three weeks of working on the job our students returned to Rolduc Abbey on December 10 for the third week of the Opgona Junior Training.

functional track

On Monday we created our own Employee card and Resources card to get a feeling what functionality is covered and what are the differences and how both cards are connected to each other. On Tuesday we started with jobs. We worked on the same predefined job and shared each other’s results during the stages. Differences in results gave us more insight in the structure and process of a job in Dynamics 365 BC.

On Wednesday we started with some basic inventory adjustments and movements. We explored the functionality step by step moving towards the warehouse management functionality. The warehouse settings got more attention and the processes became more difficult to execute. We ended with presentations by the students regarding smaller functionality of the module. These presentations covered a process in images, correct settings in Dynamics 365 BC and a demo. We ended up with tips and tops for the presenters.

technical track

During this week the technical students got doing a lot of hands-on, working on the following topics:

  1. Master Data
  2. Documents
  3. Posting Routines for Journal and Documents
  4. Navigation
  5. Statistics
  6. Dimensions
  7. Role Tailoring

Altogether building a standard NAV application, called Seminar Registration. Integrating functional and technical skills worked on in week 1 and 2 respectively. Included in this work they learned how to get on with Azure DevOps: planning and code management. Also allowing for regularly getting their code reviewed.

On the concluding day of week 3, a new assignment was given, a case called Support Registration, in which they had to apply things learned.

Knowing that this would be a very daring one, the ambition was set to get this done in one day. At the end of the day a new final deadline was set in the first full week of January, when the junior developers must get their final code delivered. Meaning, working the agile way, that this will not be the only delivery. Code will be delivered in smaller atomic chunks: testing and ready for review.

what’s next

In January for the functional track a financial case will be on the program. In this case we will build up a financial system in Business Central. In the second part of this week we will cover topics that bookkeepers and controllers deal with during daily work with Business Central.

Based upon the Seminar Registration case during the technical track we will tackle Reporting, Data Exchange and Data Upgrade.

microsoft dynamics 365 business central junior training

from junior to medior consultant or developer in 25 days

Start date: 12th april