resume week 2 fall 2019 junior training

resume week 2 fall 2019 junior training

The Opgona fall 2019 Junior Training, started at Rolduc Abbey in Kerkrade, continued its second week separately for the functional and technical track.

functional track

For the functional consultants in training, the second week was held in Veenendaal, hosted by Cegeka-DSA and led by Coen Overgaag. This week was all about applying Finance in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The larger part of this group had joined the intensive and motivating introductory week with Rob Gabriel in the abbey of Rolduc. This week, the group was no less enthusiastic and eager to learn. We went through the material as if we were in the finance department ourselves. We looked at setting up the financial system and the daily, monthly and annual financial processes applied in Business Central. Homework every evening to brush up on financial theory. To relax we went out for dinner with the entire group in the middle of the week. The last day ended with a short knowledge test and presentations of groups on a financial topic in Business Central. The atmosphere was more than excellent and there were discussions and critical questions were asked. The professional environment and catering at Cegeka-DSA were excellent. All in all a very educational and pleasant week.

technical track

The attendees to the technical track gathered, with their track trainer Luc van Vugt, again at Rolduc Abbey, making their first steps in Business Central development. Starting on Monday in the traditional development environment, C/SIDE, the group quickly moved into the current and future way of customizing Business Central: extension development with VSCode. The students learned how build tables and pages, extend standard tables and pages, and how to embed code implementing functions and processes in codeunits. During the various simple-fold exercises, and the more extensive Course Registration and Sport Planner cases, the students showed a super involvement and good understanding of the various facets AL programming.Each morning the previous day was “replayed” in quiz-form with contributions of each student, where an insufficient number of points ended up having to stand a game of twister against the long-legged trainer.

The last day of the week attention was payed to a number of configuration matters relevant to developers (morning) and the somewhat softer side of being a developer and with homework assignment based on this last topic the students left for home and a well-deserved weekend.

The whole week, with splendid weather outside and a great atmosphere in the classroom, went by fast. Rolduc is a special place to be, not in the least enjoying the great food.

what’s next

In the upcoming 3rd week, starting on 14 October 2019 the technical track will pose a first great challenge getting the students building a standard application. Each day they will have to deliver their code in Azure DevOps and will get it reviewed before the next day.

The fall 2019 Junior Training will not entail a fully executed functional track. On individual basis Opgona will support some of the junior functional consultants.

microsoft dynamics 365 business central junior training

from junior to medior consultant or developer in 25 days

Start date: 12th april