resume week 3 & 4 fall 2019 junior training

resume week 3 & 4 fall 2019 junior training

On October 14 and November 11, 2019 respectively, the junior developers joined again at Rolduc Abbey, with their track trainer Luc van Vugt, for their 3rd and 4th week of the Opgona Junior Training.

technical track

The theme of the 3rd week was Solution Development.

Making use of the AL/extension coding techniques learned and worked on in the 2nd week the students built a “standard” application in Business Central called Seminar Registration, going from configuration tables and pages, through operational transaction to historical transaction tables and pages. This included the implementation of a full posting process (with navigate functionality!) and integrating it into the client by means of a role center. While doing, the students learned about the various design patterns, coding standards and other best practices, and, next to that, how to make use of Azure DevOps.

Like in the 2nd week, reflection on the previous day was done each morning through a quiz with a contribution of each accomplice.

The week ended with a new challenge: the implementation of a next case. Based on a requirements document the students had to build a new application called Support Registration. With this assignment they had to apply all the things learned in this week. And in addition had to find out about a couple of new BC specifics, that hadn’t been used before. Being very ambitious project it had to be completed later as homework before week 4. In Azure DevOps and before an agreed upon deadline. The results were good ranging from a 7.5 to 8.5 out of 10.

Week 4 started with a recap of the Support Registration case by the trainer, followed by a short project retrospect and learning assessment by the students, answering questions like (leading to a personal check list):

  • How did you go about with the planning?
  • What did you do “top” and what could you improve on (tip)?

The following days we worked on a range of subjects gathered under themes Reporting, Data Exchange, Upgrade & Testing. We covered RDLC report design, test automation, XMLports, Queries, web services, and upgrade codeunits. The XMLport subject included a small case where the students had to build an import of a collection of related data setting up new master and transactional data, and eventually being able to automatically post these transactions into the system.

It was a nice new challenge for newbie BC developers, learning the importance of cutting up an assignment and taking one step at a time, coding and testing. This project, again, showed the talents of the students.

what’s next

Having worked 4 course weeks on Dynamics 365 Business Central topic wise, the technical students should be set to get working on an integrating project, in the fifth and last week of the course, in which they will be challenged on what they have learned. The course will be concluded with a demo of the application that will result from the integrating project. A board of invitees will be judging the demos.

Looking forward to our last course week.

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