resume week 4.a fall 2020 junior training

On November 9, 2020 the junior developers joined again with their track trainer Luc van Vugt, for their 4thweek of the Opgona Junior Training. Now the corona pandemic pressing once more upon us this week was fully online. To not overload the students and trainer, both mentally and physically, week 4 has been rescheduled to be spread over two weeks; teachings and discussions during the morning hours, working on assignments and a 30 minutes Q&A in the afternoon. The final week, week 5, has been pushed to the start of next year. Have a look at the updated schedule here.

technical track

Week 4.a started with a recap of the Support Registration case by the trainer, followed by a short project retrospect and learning assessment by the students, answering questions like (leading to a personal check list):

  • How did you go about with the planning?
  • What did you do “top” and what could you improve on (tip)?

5 mornings we worked on Reporting (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) and Testing Automation (Thursday and Friday) covering both printable (RDLC  and WORD) and processing only report design, and a nice extend of test automation. As in each of our training weeks, subjects were recapped and discussed at the start of each next day by means of a quiz with contributions of the students themselves.

A big compliment to the attendees on for their focus, involvement, collaboration and working discipline. Being online this way, even though somewhat challenging, both mentally and physically,  it was a pleasant and productive week. All being happy that the previous three weeks we did get to know each other in an on-site setting.

A special thanks to Cegeka-dsa, the employer of all junior developer attendees this year, for allowing the juniors to work a full week on only half of the original week 4 program. This really gave them the possibility to go deep into the topics.

what’s next

Well, after week 4.a week 4.b will happen. The group well meet on-line again on December 7, 2020, to continue with data exchange, upgrade, and SQL matters finalizing our road to the the last project in week 5.

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from junior to medior consultant or developer in 25 days

Start date: 12th april