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Why did Schouw participate in the junior developer training?

Schouw Informatisering took part in the junior developer training for the first time in 2017. The reason for this is the wide range of program components as well as the intensity and the actual training of the skills. The 5-week set-up with a functional introduction week and at intervals of 4 weeks gives the starting NAV developer the opportunity to get started in his work environment and take the first steps and then take it back into the next course week.

In addition, attending the training with others from outside your own organization is an extra boost to your development areas: the interaction, different approach, different approach, different views, are all
valuable learning moments in this process.

What was the concrete effect of this course?

Nicky had been with us as a NAV developer for a while already. He was mainly involved with reports. Now, partly because of this training, he has proven himself and us that he has a lot more to offer. He is now successfully involved as a developer in a large project (implementation and customization).
Daan has rolled into this program straight from school, so for Daan it was all new to get started a developer.
Nevertheless, just like Nicky, Daan achieved the NAV developer certification shortly after completing this training. Both have made a considerable step in their development due to this training.

Why would you recommend other NAVpartners to participate too?

Self study, online courses we been utilizing ourselves. Time and again the actual learning effect is limited, the commitment and the enthusiasm of the candidate are also limited, and the aftercare dragging. Aftercare in the sense of updating knowledge, but also aftercare regarding motivation. In short, the investment is certainly lower, and this surely also applies to learning effect. The dropping of potential talent is dangerously close. In addition, learning from each other, building a network for now and later, seeing and experiencing more than just your ‘own’ environment is simply very stimulating for your candidates. If we can maintain this type of training with each other, we automatically create a larger community.

Why are you going to participate again next season?

This tastes like more; we clearly see a difference in effect. In experience, motivation, in knowledge AND skills building. In short, this has proven to be the right way to train new potential
talent as a NAV developer. And let’s hope that our recruitment goes smoothly so that we can lead a continuous stream of talent.

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Start date: 12th april